In Southern Asia’s lush forests one remarkable group of trees cast their pervasive shadows over the extraordinary array of plants and animals living below.

The equatorial rainforests of South East Asia are amongst the tallest and richest forests on earth towering up to 80 meters high. The canopy is dominated by a single family of forest giants called dipterocarps, which cast enormous influence on the huge diversity of plants and animals living in their shadow.

While the bottom-dwelling plants must battle for their tiny share of the light, the giant towering trunks have affected the animals here too - forcing them to become acrobats, leapers and gliders while crossing the gaps between them.

Producer: Mark Ferns
Language: English
Running Time: 52 minutes
Year: 2005
Video: 4:3 HD 1080P
Audio: Dolby 5.1
Format: Blu-ray and SD

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