Asia is the continent of islands: at its southern limit alone there are some 30,000 islands dashed across the watery surface of the world. On these islands, freed from the certainties of continental life and powered by the magic of islands, species multiply and diversify.

The central characters of Island Magic are the leopard, a top predator; the monitor lizard, an opportunistic scavenger which could become a top predator; and the ubiquitous fig tree.

The story begins on the island of Java which, until the thaw that ended the last ice age, was part of the Asian continent. Island life is difficult for the mammals from the continent; elephants and tigers are already extinct while the Javan rhino teeters on the verge. On Java it is the leopard that writes the rules which shape the lives of the creatures lower down the food chain. A more benevolent but no less powerful influence is that of the Fig tree the tree of life in this part of Asia. Our animal characters gather at a fruiting fig tree; the leopard to find its favourite food young piglets and the monitor lizard to find what it can. Meanwhile, high in the tree, bats devour the figs.

Asia/Oceania Award Japan Wildlife Festival
Wildlife Prize French Wildlife Festival
Stelvio National Park Award Sondrio Festival, Italy
Footage Merit Award USA Wildlife Film Fest

Producer: Rod Morris
Language: English
Running Time: 50 minutes
Year: 1998
Video: 4:3 HD 1080P
Audio: Dolby 5.1
Format: Blu-ray and SD

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