Wild Asia: Kingdoms of the Coasts explores the ongoing struggle between land and sea along Asia’s vast coastline, including a look at the life of Indonesia’s Pigmy Sea Horse in its natural habitat in the Lembeh Strait, despite strong currents and the extremely small size of the sea horse. The Pigmy Sea Horse measures just 8-10mm high and lives on the spectacular coral reefs of Indonesia. Here it demonstrates fascinating strategies for survival w hich include camouflage and an unusal sharing of reproductive responsibility.

A tiny tenant of the Gorgonian Sea Fan — a species of coral that grows in a fan shape — the Pigmy Sea Horse matches the fan’s colour and models its body in the shape of bumpy polyps to look like part of its host. The Fan is less than a metre wide, yet it is all the sea horses need to sustain themselves and their offspring. This awesome first-time footage of the Pigmy Sea Horse includes exciting sequences of a pregnant male Sea Horse and two tiny Sea Horses head butting each other to defend their respective corners of their small world.

Asia/Oceania Award Japan Wildlife Festival
Wildlife Prize, French Wildlife Festival
Stelvio National Park Award, Sondrio Festival, Italy
Footage Merit Award, USA Wildlife Film Fest

Producer: Michael Hacking
Language: English
Running Time: 51 minutes
Year: 1999
Video: 4:3 HD 1080P
Audio: Dolby 5.1
Format: Blu-ray and SD

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