Using archive footage, computer animation, and expert interviews, we expose the killer characteristics of natural disasters, leading to an ultimate disaster – a hypothetical event of unparalleled force and impact.

Tornado Mega Disaster takes viewers beyond the news footage, beyond the aftermath, and on a tour of the anatomy of these mega events to understand their genesis and the multitude of factors that contribute to their subsequent impact. Some of the world’s leading experts provide analysis and insight into how some of Planet Earth’s titanic upheavals can result in something so deadly and cause such widespread damage.

But the science only provides part of the story. The impact of these events can only be truly understood by the testimony of survivors who bear first hand witness to nature’s awesome power. We talk to people who have stared disaster in the eye and have lived to tell the tale.

In the final act of Tornado Mega Disaster episode we construct a disaster scenario, using expert information and brought to life with astounding computer graphics, an event of such scale, enormity and power, it will eclipse all other disasters – truly a mega disaster.

Producer: Michael Stedman
Language: English
Running Time: 52 minutes
Year: 2010
Video: 4:3 HD 1080P
Audio: Dolby 5.1
Format: Blu-ray and SD

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