Ocean Symphony Ocean Symphony

Ocean ecosystem is much diversified, researches have helped discovery of rich marine biology. 30% of the surface of the earth is land, and 70%, the oceans. The average depth of the oceans is 3650 meters. In the vast world under the surfaces of the oceans, chorology exists. Distinct underwater ecosystems develop with the intensity of lights and levels of water temperatures and pressures. 200 meters below ocean surface receives sufficient sunshine and is the home of abundances of creatures and food. As the depth further, the underwater world gets darker, but there still lives different creatures adapted well to the requirements of environments, such as fluorescent creatures.

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Running Time: 11 minutes
Format: 3D Ride
Ratio:: 4:1 Curve Screen / 16:9 Widescreen
Resolution: 3072 x 768 / 1920 x 1080
Year: 2007

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