MagicPlay Entertainment is a Los Angeles based film, television and video distribution company.

MagicPlay Entertainment's production slate includes theatrical films, television dramas, feature animation and direct to video programs scheduled for Broadcast TV, Cable, Satellite, Pay TV and Home Video.

MagicPlay Entertainment is fully involved in the distribution of various programs such as 15/70 Large Format, Arts/Foreign, Documentaries, Sports, Music Videos, 3D/4D Ride Films' and more. In North America our programs can be seen in Blockbuster, Best Buy, Fry’s, FYE, Hastings, Netflix and Target. Internationally we distribute into Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Taiwan, China and Japan. In addition to distribution, MagicPlay Entertainment also contacts internationally recognized talent for music concert tours and stage productions with our strategic partners around the world.

MagicPlay Entertainment is a division to HUNAN TV & BROADCAST INTERMEDIARY CO., LTD. located in Southern China. HUNAN TV & BROADCAST INTERMEDIARY CO., LTD. is a public company, the only Broadcast / Media company in China. All foreign business is handled by MagicPlay Entertainment. Below is a brief profile of HUNAN TV & BROADCAST INTERMEDIARY CO., LTD. HUNAN TV & BROADCAST INTERMEDIARY CO., LTD., the # 4 rated network in China, provides strong financial backing and offers unique partnership opportunities for the lucrative emerging Chinese market. Over its 17-year history, HUNAN TV & BROADCAST INTERMEDIARY CO., LTD. has diversified into 20 different countries, with enterprises as diverse as Five-Star Resort Hotel & Casino Ownership, Restaurant Franchising, Theme Parks, Real Estate Development, Financial Investment, Publishing, Film & TV Production and Event Hosting in addition to its 7 broadcast channels.

HUNAN TV & BROADCAST INTERMEDIARY CO., LTD. is a Blue-Chip stock on the Hang Seng index.

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