The snails evolve from their marine ancestors. They enjoy the raining days, they love the wet fallen tree leaves, mosses, nooks and the wet floors of forests, because moisture is essential to their survivals. The snailís mouth is on the bottom of the head right up by the short tentacles. Inside the mouth is a specialized eating tool, the radula. The radula is a muscular structure covered by thousands of tiny, sharp teeth. The snail eats by pressing the radula against a leaf or other desirable bit of vegetation and rasping it to scrape away small particles. Snails breathe by taking air into a visceral cavity that is richly supplied with blood vesselsóthe snailís version of a lung. The snail is one of natureís marvels. Snails take a toll on our spinach, cabbage, and lettuce as it goes about their business of survival, we find ourselves in a conflict relationship with snails.

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Running Time: 11 minutes
Format: 3D Ride
Ratio:: 4:1 Curve Screen / 16:9 Widescreen
Resolution: 3072 x 768 / 1920 x 1080
Year: 2007

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