Every 11 years the sunís poles reverse with unimaginable violence. The peak of the storm is called a solarmax. The hottest film under the sun, Solarmax is a breathtaking exploration into the awesome vastness and mysterious power of our closest star. Take a unique journey through time and space and experience the sunís severe force and beauty. Witness a total eclipse and the magnificence of the Aurora Borealis, viewed from both Earth and space. Real images captured by NASAís SOHO satellite provide spectacular footage of the sun as never seen before.

A spectacular and historic film about mankindís relationship with our dangerous and beautiful life-giving star.

Producer: John Weiley
Language: English
Running Time: 40 minutes
Year: 2001
Video: 4:3 HD 1080P
Audio: Dolby 5.1
Format: Blu-ray and SD

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