What is Indian sex toy? Popular sex toys and banned reasons | Indian adult sex toy market so far

What is Indian sex toy?

What is Indian sex toy?

Indian sex toys are adult toys used by adult men and women in their sexual life. Indian sex toys are not new in India, it has been used since 35,000 years indian sex toys history is very old. Sex toys are also mentioned in the Kamasutra cave's paintings. Indian sex toys enhance the boredom sexual life by increase the sexual excitement and hence sexual orgasms. Indian sex toys include female toys, male toys, condoms, lubricants, dildo, dong toys, vibrator, massagers, strap on toy and BDSM sex toys too, like Bondage collar, handcuffs, blindfolds, spankers, furniture, etc.

Such Indian sex toys can be used on daily basis like regular sex. Indian sex toys give you best pleasure because it can be vibrating or non-vibrating. Couples or singles can get their sex toys as they want and as their body prefers. Presently a day's Sex toys might be an enormous business. The vast majority of couples and singles want to utilize sex toys for sexual fulfilment. Around 62 percent of men and 38 percent of ladies utilize sex toys in their normal sexual life. Sex toys give them best joy and better sexual experience.

But some one still feeling shying for using it,

It is because there is a recognition that there are many people who feel that taboo is sexual in modern times. Sex toys have always been gray. You can also feel embarrassed. But today, smartphones are so popular that you can buy sex toys without anyone knowing online. People all over the world are interested in sex. Don't be ashamed. Being faithful to your knowledge and greed is no mistake.

Popular sex toys in India

Popular sex toys in India

Sex Toys are common in India too now. The smart city like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc are top most cities in India that prefer to use sex toys in their sexual life.


Vibrators are vibrating sex toy that gives extra pleasure to their active shape. Vibrators include bullet vibrators, clitoris vibrators, Rabbit vibrators, remote control vibrators, etc. Among them, rabbit and remote control vibrators are highly used by Indian. Rabbit vibrators stimulate the vagina as well as clitoris and remote control vibrators are control by attached remote to the penis shape vibrators.

Realistic Dildos

Among various type of dildos, realistic dildos are highly used. Not only in the India but in all over the world. Because realistic dildos are made in exact phallic shape, from veins to testicles. It gives real penis presence to the women. Realistic dildos available in many size from small to extra large.

Clitoris Vibrators

Clitoris stimulation is most pleasurable for the women. And Indian used clitoris vibrators in most for the act. Clitoris stimulation enhance the arousal for the sexual intercourse and better the sexual play.

Why is sex toy prohibited in India?

Why is sex toy prohibited in India?

Sex toys are one that resembles the gender genital and pleasure the men and women. If you discuss of India, all of the sex toys are not illegal here. According to Section 292 of The Indian Penal Code, those sex toys are illegal or limited to public display by obscenity. Obscenity refers to the show cast the private part of men or women.

If a seller promotes their product and sell their sex toys products, in terms and conditions of laws then they are totally accepted. If we discuss which sex toys are prohibited in India. Mostly are dildos, realistic dildos, pussy shape male masturbators, etc. These sex toys are totally structure like penis and vagina. But Indian still manage to purchase them from foreign countries.