What is the history of sex toys in India, Kama Sutra, what is popular sex toys from long time ago in India

Since when is sex toys in India?

Since when is sex toys in India

The prevalence of sex toys in India has expanded since the late twentieth and 21st centuries, because of changes in social states of mind and freedom for the two guys and females. Indian history is synonymous with sexual flexibility, as can be seen from the development of 'The Kama sutra'. Kama sutra is also known as the most seasoned book of sex in the world.

In India, the purchase of sex toys includes increments inside the most recent couple of years in the modern city like Delhi, Mumbai and so on. The general population who live in current city can buy the sex toys with e-commerce website. India contribute 5% to 10% of the worldwide scan for grown-up toys. At the present time in India, sex toy industry worth Rs 1200 - 1500 crores. It is normal that the sex toys industry grow up to 8700 crores toward the finish of 2020. Just about 100 million individuals are keen on the sex toy in India, in up and coming year.

What is Kama Sutra?

What is Kama Sutra

Kama sutra is an ancient Indian text. It is written by Vatsyayana. It is broadly thought to be the standard work on human sexual conduct in Sanskrit writing. Kama sutra describe the sexual life of the people. The kama sutra is divided into seven part. The first part of the Kama sutra is Dattaka, Suvarnanabha is the second part, Ghotakamukha is the third part, fourth part is Gonardiya, fifth part is Gonikaputra, Charayana is the sixth part and the last part is Kuchumara.

Kama sutra is the first encyclopedia of sex. In this encyclopedia different types of sex position and sex technique are describe. Kama sutra have total 245 different sex positions. This encyclopedia includes the drawing of couples, which show the different ways of having sex. In this some sex positions are very easily to do where as some are very difficult to do. During sexual activity, couple can use the different types of sex position and technique for pleasure feeling. Couple can also change their sex position after some interval of time for enhance pleasure.

What is the current sex toy in India?

What is the current sex toy in India

The sex toys which is most popular in India are vibrator, dildo(dong toy), cock ring etc. Most of the India people prefer the different types of vibrator such as rabbit vibrator, bullet vibrator, clitoris vibrator. The vibrating sex toys have different types of vibration pattern and speed. Couple can easily change the function and speed of the vibrator during sexual intercourse.

Vibrator sex toys provide unique sensation and pleasure feeling during the sexual activity. Most of the people also prefer the different types of dildo during vagina penetration. Only some people in India prefer the anal penetration. These are female toys, but male toys are also popular because there are many kinds. Couple use different types of dildo to insert into the vagina during the sexual activity. Men can also use the cock ring. Men wear the cock ring at the base of the penis. The vibrating cock ring stimulate both the partner at the same time.

In India most of the sex toys are illegal where as some sex toys are legal. The legal and illegal of the sex toys depends on the packet of the sex toys. If the packet of the sex toys show any genital part of the human body then it is illegal otherwise it is legal. In India most of the people purchase the sex toys from online store. There are many e-commerce site which offer the varieties of sex toys.